This is an invitation to tender on the provision of landscaping services for Ravenstone Village, and to this end to contract with the Ravenstone Parish Council to provide such services, for the period March 2023 ending February 2024.


Below are the Maps and scope of services, which are to be read together.

If the tender is accepted a written contract setting out the material terms, including price, this scope and maps will be concluded. Pending such written contract, our written notification to you that your tender at the tendered price has  been accepted, the scope and maps, will form the interim contract authorising you to proceed with the work until a written contract is concluded. The price should set out the total amount for the scope of works for the year as well as its breakdown for the items listed.


Ad hoc additional work will be agreed from time to time with you, including the scope of the work to be performed and the rate therefor.


Tenders should be  dropped off marked  for the attention of the Ravenstone Parish Clerk, in a sealed envelope, into Swallows Barn’s post box, Stoke Goldington Road, Ravenstone.

The envelopes will be opened at the meeting of 9 March 2023 and so should reach Swallows Barn by midnight 7 March 2023.

Landscape Tender Scope of work